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Multi-level security allows an organization the flexibility to restrict and share access to the viewing and/or planning of event details as needed. You can plan, track, and document even the most complex meetings for a coordinated event planning effort between teams, partner vendors, and event venues. All data input, updates, and deletions during the planning process are date/time-stamped and viewed in real-time.

PlanIT Platform is the most planner-centric, user-friendly, and secure web-based planning environment available today. It is built to streamline, simplify and manage the art of meeting planning by delivering information where and when you need it most.

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PlanIT Platform Modules

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RFP Build

Hotel Research & Sourcing

Pre-Event Budget Comparison

Site Scheduling

Document Storage

Budgeting with Auto Calculation

Agenda Building

Online Planning

Room Block Management

Event Resume

Registration Build

Integrated Attendee Data


Historical archiving

“Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication”

– Leonardo Davinci

PlanIT Platform Preferred Partners

Our preferred partners are trained to support your PlanIT Platform needs. In addition to PIP user support, our partners are leaders in their fields and seamlessly work together to provide a one-stop event planning solution and support team with special pricing for all PlanIT Platform users.

Marketing/Brand Messaging

Destination Management

Audio Visual/Live Production



Click a module button for quick overview.

Can I change information once I put it into the system?

PlanIT Platform features a multi-tiered authentication system. Full access to all of your events is available to designated users. You can also designate certain users access to specific events with more limited abilities. PlanIT Platform associates can provide additional assistance if necessary.

Who else has access to the information about my meetings?

Only employees of your company who have been granted access through the password security system and PlanIT Platform personnel.

How often can I access reports I need?

Our system is web-based. Reports can be accessed at any time from any device and location with your login ID and password.

If I need information about a prior event to help plan a new one where can I get that?

You will always have access to your archived event information through our secure. Our website also features a "Copy RFP" function which allows you to duplicate your event with the new dates.

What is the turnaround time for responses to our RFP's?

Turnaround times are based on the vendor response. However, we feel our RFP process is built to be efficient for all parties. Once you've established what venues you would like to include in your request process, you can send an RFP to multiple hotels or national sales organizations in under one minute. The integrated nature and quick link process of the PlanIT Platform design significantly reduce the data input needed for a hotel to respond to your request. We have seen responses returned within minutes of leaving the system.

If I'm having trouble using the system how hard is it to get help?

Help is a phone call or e-mail away. We are always here for you to help make your job easier. The best way to contact us

What if I need to change my password because of security concerns?

You can change your password, and other items in your user profile once you log in. Our multi-tiered authorization scheme lets primary contacts set and reset passwords of less privileged associates. PlanIT Platform associates are available to help as well.

How timely and current is the budget information in the system?

Budget information is in real time based on the information you input. Budget information is automatically calculated once the submit button is clicked where applicable. Any report or the system location where budget information lives is updated in real-time.  

How many meetings can we enter into the system?

As many as your organization plans.

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